Check Out Two More Trailers From the PS Vita 2013 Stream

on February 18, 2013 2:56 PM

The PS Vita 2013 Stream didn’t bring only a much demanded price cut for Sony’s portable, but also quite a few trailers of upcoming games that will soon hit the console in Japan.

Some of those trailers are finally hitting youtube, and those that missed the stream (since it was at a quite ungodly hour) can now check them out.

Below you can find videos related to Soul Sacrifice and Tokiden. Between those titles and the other ones that were showcased (I’m especially excited for Sen no Kiseki myself), the PS Vita seems more and more aimed to become a serious powerhouse for Japanese games. Can’t say that’s not something we direly need nowadays. Now we can only hope that as many of those games as possible will actually find their way westwards.

In the meanwhile you can enjoy the trailers.

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