Check Out Two Videos of the Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Gameplay Demo

on August 4, 2013 2:14 PM

We talked a lot about how Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII plays in the past few weeks, even thanks to the large number of events at which the game has been showcased.

Today we actually get to see the game in action, thanks to two videos from two of said events. The first is from the stream of Paris’ Japan Expo (courtesy of YouTuber SuperGamespots), while the second is an off-screen recording from a Japanese event (courtesy of Dante14181).

Both videos show plenty gameplay, and give us a quite in-depth glimpse on the battle system, that looks very tactical and definitely much more solid than in the previous episodes of the Lightning Saga. The first video is especially interesting as it shows a couple minutes of the customization system implemented in the game, including costumes, weapon/shield combo, abilities and colors.

You can enjoy both videos just below. One thing is pretty much for sure: the game is promising, despite the fact that some seems to think that the series is dead

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