Destiny PS4 Beta Already Available for Pre-Load for Some: 13.2 GB Download, 14.3 GB on Hard Disk

on July 12, 2014 5:35 AM

Apparently quite a few users are reporting on Reddit and NeoGAF that the PS4 beta of Bungie’s Destiny is already available for pre-load for them.

The option seems to be active for those that pre-ordered digitally on the PSN, and only in some regions so far. Reports mention that if they have automatic downloads active, the PS4 queues the beta all by itself. Of course the servers aren’t open yet, so the game is not playable.

The initial download is 179 Mb, followed by a second download of 13.2 Gb. Once unpacked and installed it takes up 14.3 Gb on the hard disk. By comparison the download for Xbox One is a little smaller, weighing 12.63 Gb.

If you pre-ordered the game digitally, you may want to check if your pre-load is already available. If it’s not, it could appear soon.




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