Destiny: PS4/PS3 Users to Get Only Four Days of Beta Early Access Before Xbox

on June 7, 2014 3:55 AM

PlayStation users were promised early access to Destiny‘s beta, but until now the length of that period was unknown. Today, a pop-up ad started appearing on GamesRadar unveiling that detail.

The ad (that you can see below), links to the official “greatness awaits” PS4 page¬†and specifies that PS4 and PS3 users will get only four days of early access, which is probably less than many expected, specially considered how heavily the perk has been advertised. Of course an ad isn’t to be considered a full confirmation, as it’s not an official announcement by Bungie or Activision, but it’s as close to it as we’ll get for now.

Update: the videos were hunted down by Activision.


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