Sony’s Rain’s Director Wants to Make an Action Game Next

on December 29, 2013 4:35 PM

Sony Japan Studio’s Yuki Ikeda is known as the director of the lovely PSN game Rain, and as 2014 approaches he’s already thinking about his next labor of love. Yet, it might not be very similar to his previous game, as he explained in an interview on 4Gamer when asked about his aspirations for the future.

The next generation will be released at last! The space under the TV is going to become cramped. Rain ended up as a quite quiet game, but I believe the next one may be an intense [it can also be translated as “violent”] game. It’d make me happy if you’d look forward to it.

Indeed, I’m going to look forward to it, and to hear more details, as I really liked Rain. I also wonder what platform will the new game be on, as Ikeda-san definitely seems to be interested in next generation consoles.

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