Dragon’s Crown Gets a Full Fledged Guide Website with Maps, Dungeon Walkthroughs and More

on July 25, 2013 11:53 AM

If you’re planning to buy Dragon’s Crown on day one, but you’re afraid to miss out on some treasure due to the fair number of puzzles you’ll encounter during the game, considering that full English guides may take a while to surface, today Atlus released the next best thing in collaboration with the Japanese gaming site 4Gamer.

It’s a full fledged wiki/guide site with maps of all the dungeons, treasure locations, character spec sheets and a whole lot more. You can access it here, and while it’s in Japanese, you can check out the google translated version here. It’s also perfect to give the content of the game a good look before purchasing.

It already helped me out quite a bit while playing the game for the review. There was a nasty color button puzzle in the third dungeon that I couldn’t manage to crack…

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