Dragon’s Crown Has Increasing Level Caps Depending on Unlockable Difficulty Levels

on July 21, 2013 10:35 AM

We’re only a few days away from Dragon’s Crown release in Japan, while North American gamers will have to wait a bit longer until August the 6th, and Atlus is still unveiling new details on the upcoming side scrolling JRPG by Vanillaware.

Today we learn that the game will have three different level caps depending on the level of difficulty. Upon challenging the game for the first time only “Normal” difficulty will be available, with a level cap of 35. Meeting certain conditions linked to the story will unlock theĀ “Hard” mode, bringing a level cap of 65 and allowing more room for progression.

Upon clearing Hard mode players will unlock “Inferno” difficulty, that brings the level cap up to 99. And that’s not all, as clearing Inferno mode will unlock the Labyrinth of Chaos, an automatically generated dungeon that changes every time it’s challenged.

The publisher also announced that there’ll be items that will allow a reset of learned skills, but those items will be acquired only upon meeting some rather challenging conditions.

Looks like the game will have some beefy longevity, even if we still have to see how much repetition of the same content will figure in that equation.

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