Drakengard Director Can’t Use Kickstarter for Drakengard 4 on PS4; Might Make a Spin-off One Day

on January 5, 2014 8:11 AM

After mentioning that he’d like to make Drakengard 4 on PS4, but he’s unable to because he lacks the funds for development, Drakengard 3 Director Taro Yoko received a large number of messages expressing support and enthusiasm, many of which suggesting the use of Kickstarter.

He replied on Facebook, explaining why Kickstarter is not an option for him, encouraging fans to address Square Enix directly with that kind of request.

Thank you for your offer.
Offcourse money is very important. But, I also need good development team and good producers. You know. 

And Drakengard and NIER is not my IP. These titles are SquareEnix’s IP. I can’t decide anything about that. Best solution for this problem is you post to SquareEnix’s official account.

Thank you anyway. I am happy to read your message.

But be carefull. YokoTaro is could be Terrible GameCreator(ATGC). Anytime, Any platform.

Then the conversation continued on Twitter, with an user asking, between others, if it wouldn’t be cheaper to make a spin-off of the series using the Drakengard 3 engine, maybe on PS Vita:

@Ogechiogbe I will make spin off game someday. If I will get a chance.

Previously he did mention that he plans to make something new this year:

Thank you. I will make new something this year.

Personally, as a Drakengard fan since the first game, I’m eagerly waiting to see what Yoko-san’s next game will be, no matter the platform.

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