Dream C Club Zero Special Edipyon! Continues Making Fun of Itself with Another Weird Video

on December 28, 2012 2:11 PM

A couple months ago Kenneth reported on an absolutely hilarious video about Dream C Club Zero Special Edipyon! in which the publisher D3 basically made fun of the game (and its fans) in the most merciless ways. Today they went at it again, with another video that raises the ante by showing the game’s producer Nobuyuki Okajima as he weirds out two cute but overly vocal ladies while explaining what the game is all about.

While we probably won’t ever get to play the dating/hostess club simulator (that will hit the Japanese shelves on January the 17th) in English, the video is so hilarious (even if you can’t understand a word of Japanese), that it’s worth watching in itself. You can do so below.

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