Driftmoon Demo Released

on February 12, 2012 11:35 AM

Independent Finnish game studio Instant Kingdom has released a demo of its work in progress, Driftmoon, a new top-down perspective PC dungeon crawler.

Speaking on their own behalf, the people over at Instant Kingdom have this to say about the game: “Driftmoon has a deep, captivating story, and the gameplay focuses heavily on adventure and exploration. The adventure is spiced up with surprising twists, and a nice touch of humour, and the world is filled with detail. Driftmoon has been described by our players as an enjoyable, refreshing, brilliant game, with awesome gameplay and a charming atmosphere. Maybe most importantly, Driftmoon is a good-hearted, unique game, that’ll brighten up your day, and leave you smiling!” Read on for a trailer and a link to the demo.

The demo, which you can find here, comes free with a powerful editor and mod-sharing kit, as well as all currently released mods for the game. Soon you, too, can delve into deep dungeons, filled to the brim with magic staves, huge spiders, and whatever else Instant Kingdom decided to throw in there for you.

Check out the trailer below — the music is delightful, and you’ve got to love the random elements they chose to highlight (the glowing footprints might be my favorite).

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