DualCast Level 20 – No Longer Free to Play!

on August 28, 2012 3:50 PM

We’re back and we’ve finally dinged 20, imagine that! In this episode of the DualCast, Giuseppe, Abby and myself discuss the news of the last couple weeks, as well as two main topics – our preference of MMO business models and romance in RPGs.

We also go off on tangents about Guild Wars 2 and Archeage, and accidentally (on purpose) offend Italians. (Really, not all Italians, just Giuseppe)(Giuseppe’s Note:  you’re a thousand years too early to offend me.) If you’re ready for more RPG goodness, feel free to tune in to our latest and greatest by clicking the link(s) below! (Pardon my coughing, I’m recovering from some sort of plague.)

You can download the DualCast MP3 HERE, or subscribe to it on iTunes by going HERE.

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