EA Releases “Hate is Not a Game”: A Celebration of LGBT In Video Games

on March 7, 2013 4:23 PM

No matter what people say about EA and their games, they have supported BioWare and Maxis Studios’ choice to include same-sex relationships in the Mass Effect Trilogy, the Dragon Age series, and The Sims, respectively, a huge step forward for diversity in the video game industry. This is even after Fox News called Mass Effect a “sodomy simulator.” Now, on the day of their ¬†LGBT Full Spectrum Event, EA has released a video called “Hate is Not a Game,” celebrating LGBT in video games.

You can see the video below, which shows various scenes pulled from the above-mentioned games. While three games certainly don’t represent an industry-wide change, these games have championed the idea of what being a nerd or geek was always about: being proud of being yourself, inside and out. And with games that allow you to create characters that look like you and make narrative-changing decisions, it’s great that role-playing allows gamers to really put themselves into that role, physically and mentally. It’ll be interesting to see how this idea plays out with the next-gen era and the upcoming installments of these series, but hopefully they have inspired respect and understanding (especially when there are other games that done little to discourage the worst hate-spewing trashtalk known to man).

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