EA: “Titanfall is the Masterpiece of EA Partners”, “Not a Game that We Could Make Ourselves”

on July 1, 2013 12:12 PM

The EA Partners program didn’t receive much spotlight lately, especially on the indie side, but EA Games Label Vice President Patrick Söderlund thinks it’s only temporary and highlights Titanfall as the perfect example of what the project can achieve, as he shared during a larger interview on the Japanese gaming site 4Gamer.

The number of titles under the label EA Partners is lower than before, but this is only temporary. We don’t use the definition much, but the program itself continues. Titanfall by Respawn Entertainment that we presented this year at E3 is the masterpiece of EA Partners. Titanfall is made by an extraordinary team and it’s not a game that we could make ourselves.

While I can definitely see what Söderlund means, and Titanfall looks great, I can’t say I wouldn’t love to see more games Shank come out from the EA Partners label. I’m actually quite curious about the reason why one of the men who led DICE for so long feels that they couldn’t make a game like Titanfall themselves, but alas, he did not explain that.

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