Europe and Australia Are Getting Killer is Dead Too, Courtesy of Deep Silver

on January 31, 2013 1:49 PM

Xseed Games announced today that it will publish Grasshopper Manufacture’s upcoming game Killer is Dead in the United States, but what about Europe and Australia?

Gamers from the Old Continent needn’t worry, as an announcement came for them as well. Suda 51’s new game will come to Europe and Oceania under the Deep Silver publishing brand.

As for the release window, it’s the same as the one for the United States: summer, and the press release seems to hint to the fact that the release date will be the same for all regions.

After the acquisition of Volition and the Saints Row brand, looks like Koch Media (that owns Deep Silver) really wants to play with the big boys on every front of the video game publishing field, which is good. The more players, the better.

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