Even More Panel Footage From EVE Fanfest 2012 Surfaces

on April 2, 2012 1:45 PM

When I speak to gamers unfamiliar with EVE Online and its community, they’re always surprised to learn that a game that is considered niche has its own extensive fanfest, and that hundreds fly to remote Iceland every year to take part in it.

The footage published by CCP Games in the past week (that you can find here, here and here) can give a good idea of the scope of the event, but it’s not all, as the developer released four more videos.

The first panel showcases concept artistĀ Ludvik KalmarĀ Vidisson as he design a space ship live, more or less following the suggestions of the audience (and stubbornly refusing to add spikes to the ship. Can’t really blame him), the second is about criminal flagging and security status, the third explores the current state of EVE‘s economy,while the fourth gives a report on the ever present (but diminishing) problem of lag during the massive space battles that can happen in the EVE universe..

You can enjoy all four videos below. Some are fairly technical, but even if you’re not an EVE player, they may give you a good idea on how deep and complex the game is.

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