Ex-Pixar/Bungie Comprised Studio Limitless Announce Gary the Gull for PlayStation VR

on March 15, 2016 1:33 PM

A few, odd concept games for PlayStation VR have been announced lately — last but not least, Ubisoft’s Werewolves Within — however, developer Limitless’ Gary the Gull looks to bring Pixar charm to virtual reality. As seen in the trailer below, players are tasked with communicating with a semi-charming seagull (Gary) thorough talking, nodding, or ignoring him completely.

If you’ve checked out the trailer below (go ahead, I’ll wait) you will note the distinct Pixar-ish feel. That is undoubtedly due to the fact that Limitless iis comprised of ex-Bungie and ex-Pixar staff members, with the script written by Pixar’s Mark Walsh, now working in VR company Motional. In short, there is a ton of talent packed into this game.

More importantly, while the game seems like more of a tech demo (it is), Limitless hopes to license the technology behind Gary to other game developers to craft more interactive characters. There is no release date set for Gary the Gull, but expect it to come out on PlayStation 4 via PlayStation VR.

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