Exstetra Male Character Masaru Probably Getting Kissed as Well, Gets Trailer and Voice Actor

on July 4, 2013 3:27 AM

The upcoming JRPG for PS Vita and 3DS Exstetra by FuRyu is based on a rather peculiar concept: The protagonist Ryoma has to kiss his companions in order to unlock their power. Knowing Japanese games, you’d expect all those characters to be lovely ladies, but that is not the case: he also has a male follower, named Masaru.

Today the softco released a trailer focusing on Masaru himself, and even if the moment of the kiss isn’t shown, the speech (in which Masaru freaks out about being kissed) seems to imply that it does indeed happen.

In addition to the trailer (that you can see below), we also get to learn who will perform Masaru’s voice role: Takuya Eguchi. Many will remember him in the role of Gosick’s male lead.

If you’re wondering if this game will ever see a localization, I am as well. Luckily FuRyu’s previous JRPG Unchained Blades did, so there’s hope.

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