Final Fantasy XIV to get Additional Payment Options in January

on December 17, 2011 2:15 PM

Many Final Fantasy XIV players groaned when they heard that Square Enix would reinstate a monthly fee for the game. A sizable percentage of those groans, though, didn’t come because of the payment itself (or not only because of ┬áthat at least), but was caused mostly by the service provider that handles it.

ClickandBuy never met much favor between the Final Fantasy XIV community, and users have been very vocal against in since the launch of the game.

Luckily Square Enix seems to be on top of the issue, and while it’s possible to set a payment plan starting today, you may want to hold off on that, since the publisher announced today that it’s working on implementing additional payment options for when billing will restart in early January.

Considering how much vocal disfavor there was towards ClickandBuy, I don’t doubt that quite a few users feel a bit better about having to pay a monthly fee now.

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