Fitness Trainer Publishes Gaming-Themed Workout Routines

on January 28, 2014 12:20 PM

Sitting down at the computer, playing video games, watching television, etc. It all takes a toll on our bodies; a big one if the aforementioned behaviors are chronic. Fitness Trainer Neila Rey has one alternative, if you want to work out, why not try something that is modeled after your favorite video game characters?

The gaming-themed workout routines include Uncharted, Minecraftand Assassin’s Creed, in addition to a general Gamer’s workout. The first three workouts are creatively themed and modeled after what you do in the game itself.

There are other routines on the site that encompass comic book characters including Batman, Flash, Arrow, and others, as well as other IPs including Star Wars, The Matrix, and The Hunger Games.

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