Flash Sale for North American PS3 and PS Vita Playstation Store, Select Titles at 99¢ Each

on April 18, 2014 4:12 PM

Right now Sony has an excellent Flash Sale going on in the PS3 and PS Vita’s North American PSN store: select classic titles are currently priced at only 99¢ each. Titles include:

  • Back to the Future Full Game
  • Blast Factor
  • Braid
  • Crash Bandicoot 1-3 (PS1)
  • Crash Commando
  • CTR: Crash Team Racing (PS1)
  • Echochrome
  • Everyday Shooter (PS3) (PSP/Vita)
  • Gex: Enter the Gecko (PS1)
  • Gotham City Imposters
  • Jurassic Park The Game Full Season
  • Plants Vs Zombies
  • Red Faction (PS1)
  • Red Faction 2 (PS1)
  • Red Faction Battleground
  • Retro City Rampage (PS3/Vita Cross-Buy)
  • Retro/Grade
  • Sam and Max the Devils Playhouse
  • Spyro 1-3
  • Stuntman Ignition (PS2)
  • Super Statdust HD
  • Takes of Monkey Island Bundle
  • Tokyo Jungle
  • Urban Trial Freestyle (PS3) (Vita)
  • When Vikings Attack! (PS3/Vita Cross-Buy)
  • World Gone Sour

If you’re interested and still have your PS3 or happen to own a PS Vita, you can simply log into its PSN network and purchase the games from there by clicking on the flash sale graphic in the “Latest” section. This sale is, needless to say, digital only and will last until the end of the weekend.

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