Get Ready for the Battle for Europa in Age of Ascent’s Pre-Alpha Playtest on December 27th

on December 14, 2014 12:56 PM

Illyriad Games has announced the prealpha playtest of Age of Ascent will go live on Saturday, December 27th at 2pm Central US | 3pm East US | 8pm GMT/UK.

Illyriad Games have added some of the improvements over last few months, including:

  • Jupiter and Europa await
  • Dynamic music and variations
  • Improved targeting indicators for in range and on target
  • Improved mouse control
  • Shields now regenerate, so you can break away from combat and recover
  • In game tally board
  • Your ship’s weapon no longer hits instantly. You’ll need to learn to lead your fire
  • Guns cycle x3 faster, but each plasma bolt does 1/3 damage
  • Warning indicator when on low health

In order to partake in the event, just go to the official Age of Ascent site and when the countdown timer reaches zero, the game will load automatically.

There is no download, no sign-up and no commitment. It will be a simple live public demo of player-versus-player battles that are at the core of the game.

Check out the game’s screenshots below.

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