Atlus Implores Fans to Not Spoil Persona 4 Arena’s Story Mode

on July 23, 2012 9:30 PM

Atlus today released an announcement on Persona 4 Arena‘s official japanese website, “asking” fans not to spoil the 40 minute story mode of their upcoming fighter. Due to release this Thursday in Japan, Atlus knows that some retailers are prone to break street date and that enthusiastic fans will want to share any pre-release knowledge with the internet. Atlus is doing their best to curb this, with a tongue in cheek claim that anyone who tweets or releases video spoiling the game will have a death curse placed on them, eerie.

Unfortunately, no amount of dangerous curses will stop fans from posting information after release date, and American fans will likely need to plug their ears and boycott certain areas of the internet if they don’t want the fighting title’s story spoiled. So goes the trials of the information age, I suppose. Persona 4 Arena is due to hit American retail shelves on August 7th.

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