GoD Factory: Wingmen Coming to Linux

on June 19, 2013 2:13 PM

Nine Dots Studios, the studio developing the upcoming MOBA space combat sim, GoD Factory: Wingmen, have just announced that the game is coming to not just PC and Mac, but Linux as well.

GoD Factory: Wingmen is currently a four-on-four space combat game that puts you into the cockpit of one of four unique alien species in a battle for space combat supremacy. The game is currently looking to be greenlit on Steam Greenlight and supported through its Kickstarter Campaign.

During my time on the game, I found it to be an amazing multiplayer game with tons of competitive and cooperative appeal, and a wide variety of customization options. The game also supports the Oculus Rift virtual reality, which I recently experienced and found to be quite the transcendent experience when applied to space combat games.

GoD Factory: Wingmen is currently set to release in August if the project can garner enough backing by the end of its campaign, which ends in just over two weeks. The campaign has only earned $18,982 of its $70,000 goal, so if you love the way the game looks, Nine Dots would love your support.


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