Grand Theft Auto Online is Grand Theft Auto…Online

on August 15, 2013 10:18 AM

The time has finally come, and Rockstar just released the first gameplay video of Grand Theft Auto Online. It’s exactly what you expected, and then some. Basically a grand theft auto game in an ever-expanding world to which Rockstar will continue to add content, in which you can have fun in a wide variety of way with friends, or against enemies. Because after all trolling others is more akin to the core of Grand Theft Auto…

The “game” will come for free with the PS3 and Xbox360 version of Grand Theft Auto V (Rockstar keeps forgetting about a relevant version they always fail to mention, and if they aren’t working on it, shame on them), and will also include a content editor to let you create your multiplayer shooter-like maps or your own races, and then share them with other users.

It looks pretty damn good. More or less what APB should have been if it was done well. Want to see it for yourself? The video is just below.

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