Guild01 Gets a new Trailer

on December 20, 2011 12:45 PM

Level 5 is in a video releasing spree, as today the company published a new trailer of Guild01, an upcoming game collection for 3DS that will be released in Japan next year.

The trailer showcases all four games that will be included in the collection: Kaiho Shojo by Goichi Suda, Rental Bukiya de Omasse by Yoshiyuki Hirai, Air Porter by Yoot Saito and Crimson Shroud by Yasumi Matsuno.While many wouldn’t expect much from a collection of four games on a portable, the names involved (especially Yasumi “Vagrant Story” Matsuno and Goichi “No More Heroes” Suda) are bound to turn many heads. The intro of Kaiho Shojo will also probably please the Anime lovers out there.

You can enjoy the full video below:

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