Hideo Kojima Surprised by PS4’s “Cheap” Price, Talks About Comparison with Xbox One and Cameras

on June 18, 2013 6:08 AM

Many gamers around the world were surprised by the price point of the PS4. Looks like Hideo Kojima was taken by surprise as well by Sony’s unveiling, as he stated in an interview on the Japanese gaming website¬†Game Watch¬†about Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

The PS4 is cheaper than I thought.

He went more in depth on the issue as part of a separate interview on 4Gamer, in which he also talked about the difference in power between the two consoles.

The difference is small, and I don’t really need to worry about it. When you come right down to it, the PS4 is cheap (laughs). Though, I wonder about the inclusion of the camera…

When asked about what he thought of the camera-related feature he gave his vision for the future.

Considering that the camera is so widespread in smartphones and tablets, I think it’ll build up to be the norm.

While it’s hard not to agree on the price of the PS4, I do wonder if camera-based gameplay will really become the norm (Kojima isn’t new to rather farfetched predictions, like the one about the disappearance of home consoles). How do you feel about it?


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