Troy Baker tries InFAMOUS: Second Son: “Holy. God. You Guys Ain’t Seen NUTHIN Yet;” “We are Stoked!”

on February 9, 2014 3:10 PM

Today Voice Actors Troy Baker and Travis Willingham (that lent their vocal cords to protagonist Delsin Rowe and his brother Reggie) visited Sucker Punch Productions to try the upcoming PS4 Exclusive inFAMOUS: Second Son, as tweeted by the studio itself:

@TroyBakerVA and @WillingBlam flew up here in the snow to play the game. They aren’t disappointed!

Animation Director Billy Harper also added:

LOVE the fact that @TroyBakerVA and @WillingBlam are playing the game and killing it. #truegamers #SecondSon

Troy Baker himself gave an enthusiastic assessment of the quality of the game

@SuckerPunchProd@WillingBlam HUGE understatement. WE ARE STOKED!!!

Holy. God. You guys ain’t seen NUTHIN yet. #SecondSon

He also provided an interesting piece of information on one of the features of the game:

FACT: All of the “pedestrians” populating Seattle in #SecondSon are actual Seattleites whose likenesses were scanned and put in the game.

Below you can see two pictures of the two playing the game, also giving a quick glimpse on gameplay (or better, on one of the cutscenes that portrays both their characters).

Looks like InFAMOUS: Second Son managed at least to pull the heartstrings of its voice actors. In just a month and a half we’ll finally see if the gaming community will be stoked as well. So far so good. 



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