Infinite Crisis Takes You Behind The Voice of The Boy Wonder, Robin

on December 17, 2013 11:52 AM

Yesterday Turbine Games introduced the world to Robin, as he entered the fray in the multiversal contest of champions, Infinite Crisis. Today, the developers again take gamers “Behind the Voice,” introducing Cameron Bowen, the voice actor of the young detective.

Does Tim Drake sound familiar to you? You may recognize Bowen from Young Justice: Invasion, where Bowen voiced Drake for the second season of the ever popular (and much missed) Young Justice series. In the video below, Bowen tells fans the difference between this version of Drake and his TV appearances, as well as his favorite lines when interacting with other characters in the game.

Turbine Games encourage prospective players to sign up for the Infinite Crisis Closed Beta and join the Founders Program, which unlocks special perks and assets depending on the tier players pledge. For more on the game, including other parallel world heroes and villains like the Mecha Wonder Woman and the Atomic Green Lantern, check out all of our Infinite Crisis coverage.

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