iPad International Launch Delayed Until End of May

on April 14, 2010 10:48 AM

iPad International Launch Delayed Until End of May

At this given moment, Apple fans outside the US reading this news are sobbing and thrashing their personal belongings in a delirious craze. During its first week in the market, Apple’s iPad managed to sell over half a million units which has “stumped” Apple. To respond to this so-called “surprising” barrage of sales, and in anticipation of even higher demand for the tablet, Apple has delayed the international launch of the device from the ending of April to late May. But it’s not set in stone, per se.

International enthusiasts will have no choice but to wait until May 10 before getting word of when exactly the iPad will be made available for purchase, and the price in which the newly released Apple product will be sold for. I haven’t gotten hands-on time with the iPad yet. But I’m probably going to wait until some Asian country makes a much cheaper and unreliable knock-off of the iPad before even pondering about coughing up 500 bucks for a tablet that does less than a netbook. Sorry, Apple fans – I just prefer to waste my money a bit more wisely.


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