Japan Takes Horse Racing Arcade Games Seriously… Very Seriously.

on November 22, 2011 2:30 PM

While in the rest of the world arcade game centers close by the droves, in Japan they are still a thing, and to keep themselves competitive against home consoles, they constantly evolve.

Horse Racing is an especially popular genre, and Sega’s StarHorse 3: Season 1 – a New Legend Begins brings it to a new level.

Not only it features ergonomic seats for maxium comfort and a large touch screen, but it includes a full fledged managerial feature with horse breeding and jockey training. Add to that full cellphone and personal card support, and you get something that would be absolutely unthinkable in the West.

While I wonder how much installing a full room of those would cost, you can head past the cut and check out a trailer of something you’ll possibly never get to see live, not outside of Japan, at least.

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