Kaz Hirai: “Considerable Demand” For the PS4 in Japan; Boasts Success in the West

on January 4, 2014 3:20 PM

Sony Corporation President Kazuo Hirai has been the face of PlayStation for a while before moving on to take the helm of the whole corporation, and he seems to be definitely satisfied by the demand for the PS4 in Japan, as much as by the western launch of the console, as he explained today in an interview on the business website SankeiBiz.

As for the sales situation in the West, it’s the fastest of PlayStation History. We were able to send units before the launch to ensure stock was good. In Japan we’ll launch in February this year and we’re already accepting preorders. There’s considerable demand.

Hirai-san will speak at a keynote at CES on Tuesday. We can possibly expect an update on the situation there, but things definitely seem to be looking up on the PlayStation front. Will the successful momentum hold?

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