Lab Zero Reveals the Top 20 Most Popular Skullgirls DLC Hopefuls

on May 10, 2013 7:55 PM

The first round of voting for the fifth and final DLC character to be added to Lab Zero’s Skullgirls has come to a close. The top 20 most popular characters have been isolated, meaning that 10 characters have been ousted from the running. The 20 fighters still in the running are:¬†Aeon, Annie, Beatrix, Beowulf, B. Dahlia, Brain Drain, D. Violet, Feng, Ileum, Isaac, Marie, Minette, Molly, Panzerfaust, Roxie, Scythana, Stanley, Taliesin, Umbrella, and Venus.

It’s good to see my pick B. Dahlia make it this far, though she certainly won’t win if the last vote was any indication. Did your favorite character make it into the top 20? The second round of voting has commenced, so supporters should check their emails to make their votes. I’m fairly sure Annie will win this time around, but I could be wrong.

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