Microsoft Demonstrates the Power of the Cloud at Build: “Enables Experiences that Have Never Been Possible”

on April 3, 2014 4:49 PM

During a livestream from Build Microsoft finally demonstrated the “power of the cloud” used for actual computation, showcasing the destruction of a building with over 35,000 physically simulated pieces falling apart in parallel on a high end PC and on the cloud. While the PC version crawled down to two frames per second, the cloud version kept stable at 32 FPS.

Here’s what Microsoft’s John Shewchuk had to say during the presentation, that was described as working “on a collection of devices:”

What we really think is that the power of the cloud enables new kinds of experiences that have never been possible. Even if we had multiple high end machines, they couldn’t do the kind of bandwidth that we’re doing.

What’s happening is the computation are going on in the cloud, we’re sending those rotations and the positional information down to the clients where the rendering is getting done.

You can see it for yourself in action below, courtesy of Arekkz Gaming. One thing is for sure. While there’ll be technical hurdles to overcome (especially on the side of internet bandwidth) the demo looks extremely promising, and it’s exciting to think about what can be achieved when this kind of technology will go past the prototype stage.


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