Microsoft on a Hiring Spree for Next Halo; Pushing Production Hard for E3 Gameplay Reveal?

on March 15, 2014 10:38 AM

Microsoft has managed to keep the next Halo game under very tight wraps, and thanks to Game Studios President Phil Spencer we know that we’re going to know more about the game at E3. The gears of production seem to be spinning very fast at 343 Industries as Microsoft is hiring for them in full force.

In the last nine days a whopping 11 jobs opportunities have been posted for Halo, including a Sound Designer, four Software Development Engineers plus a Senior one and one in Test, a Graphics Engineer, a Multiplayer Level Designer, a Senior Concept Artist, and an Environment Artist.

While the wording of the ads doesn’t give new information about the game, the times match pretty perfectly for the studio switching gears in order to polish gameplay as much as possible with E3 in its sights.

With Bungie releasing Destiny in September and 343 unveiling the next Halo soon, it’s hard not to be excited for the upcoming few months.

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