Microsoft One-Ups the PS4 Apartment with a Xbox One Hotel

on November 7, 2013 4:41 PM

Remember the “Apartment 4” created by Sony France to showcase the PS4? Microsoft France always had the habit to try and one-up the local competition since the times of the Xbox 360 love boat crashing the PS3 launch party, and this time around, since Sony made an apartment, Microsoft created a whole  Xbox One hotel in Paris.

The hotel, that will remain open for the whole month of November, is entirely themed on the Xbox One, from the rooms and their keys, to decorations and even the cocktails menu at the restaurant. Of course there are also plenty demo stations to allow guests to enjoy the games.

You can check quite a few pictures in the gallery below. Looks like the French are getting all the good stuff at the outset of this generation.

separatorThe pictures included in the gallery above are courtesy of Twitter users Adrien Zirka MSebullblainhzissiontourKatie Chironis and Xbox FR

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