Microsoft’s Phil Spencer: “Xbox Is Doing Well;” PR Wins Are Not Focus Compared to Confidence in Brand

on January 11, 2017 4:37 PM

Microsoft’s Xbox Division Head Phil Spencer took to Twitter to talk about the situation of the Xbox brand, mentioning that it’s doing well after a positive Holiday season.

Spencer also explained that the customers’ happiness with the product is the most important factor for him, and the same goes for the confidence in the Xbox brand. PR victories, on the other hand, aren’t his primary focus.

Speaking of PR, Spencer also explained that for him it’s important to speak publicly even when things aren’t all that great, not just when there is something positive to highlight.

As an additional bonus, he gave a small update on the upcoming Voodoo Vince HD Remaster, of which he recently received a new build. Spencer has always professed himself a big fan of the original and apparently he also loves the new iteration.

Earlier today, Spencer apologized to the community for the cancellation of Scalebound, also hinting that it wasn’t just a money issue.

He also gave a few more hints on the upcoming console code named Project Scorpio.

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