Microsoft Pushing Xbox One in Japan with “Great Thanksgiving” Events in Tokyo and Osaka

on June 6, 2014 10:25 AM

Microsoft just announced that it’ll hold a series of events in Japan to push the Xbox One in the archipelago of the rising sun.

The events, called “Xbox One Great Thanksgiving“, aim to raise awareness for the launch of the Xbox One in September and to thank Japanese gamers “for their expectations.” They’ll be held in Tokyo on June 21st and June 22nd and in Osaka on the 28th.

The events are open to everyone and attendees will be able to experience Xbox One games first hand. In addition to this, an invite-only event limited to 100 attendees named “Xbox One Premium Night” will be held in Tokyo on the evening of the 20th.

In addition to this, Electronic Arts also announced that Titanfall and Battlefield 4 will be launch titles in Japan for Microsoft’s new console.

Will Microsoft manage to pique the interest of Japanese gamers with the Xbox One? They sure have an uphill battle in front of them.


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