MIND≒0 Reveals a New Character–Yoichi Ogata, A Detective Who Oozes Dignity

on June 4, 2013 4:00 PM

Acquire has revealed a new character today–Yoichi Ogata, a private detective who has been following the mysterious MIND case. MIND≒0 will be released in Japan on August 2013 for PS Vita. A North American release has not been announced as of yet.

Yoichi is first introduced in a side story novel called Detective ≒ O that takes place in his point of view. It chronicles a strange incident occurring before the events of the main game. We also know that Yoichi is a reliable and dignified detective with a penchant for firearms and apparently harboring a secret in his past. I wonder if it has anything to do with the MIND cult that he’s been tracking?

The official Japanese website has also updated with some new content. When you click on the Cast Comment button in the Character page, you can read the comments of the protagonists’ voice actors.

It’s fun to see the game’s plot and events slowly come together. I can’t wait for the next update to come (and hopefully with it a Western release date).

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