MIND≒0’s Game System Is Finally Revealed To Us

on May 28, 2013 4:50 PM

I should keep on wishing for more MIND≒0 gameplay related updates, since Acquire has released new information on their game’s system, just like I wanted in my last article. MIND≒0 will be headed to Japan on August 2013 for the PS Vita.

The characters essentially move between the Physical World and the Spiritual World, which is described as being two sides of the same coin, and the game basically flows in three stages–Adventure, Town and Dungeon. In the Adventure stage, the main characters discover some sort of mystery, which they slowly uncover through conversations with other characters. The Town stage involves the characters receiving orders from their client (which can range from a person to a detective agency) concerning the mystery, as well as the resulting preparations (such as purchasing items). Finally, the Dungeon stage is where the characters do battle and solve the mystery–they can also get tips on the next mystery and come back later to train.

We also get another look at the pre-order bonus, the MT Secret File, which includes a soundtrack and a special book. The special book contains illustrations, character designs, staff comments and production notes. A sneak preview of the  book’s contents is included in the gallery below. Next time, we’ll hopefully get some more information about the material world and the characters’ summons.

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