MIND≒0’s Side Story Novel, Detective≒O, Is Out Now; Step Into the MIND of Detective Ogata

on August 6, 2013 1:02 AM

The final side story for MIND≒0 has been released, which delves into the three months that Detective Yoichi Ogata spent investigating the MIND case for his clients before the events of the game.  MIND≒0 was released in Japan on August 1st for PS Vita.

Detective≒O, as the story is called, is about several incidents involving the MIND cult, as Detective Ogata investigates for several clients that employed him. The novel is broken up into nights, with each one involving a strange incident that’s linked somehow to the MIND cult.

The first day’s instance, called “Death Request, the Scent of Blood,” a woman calls Ogata on the phone and states that “I killed my husband.” She then goes into detail about MIND and states that her husband had nightmares about them. When he visits the site of where she heard the voices, he smells blood. The second night is called “Detective Rules and a Small Client” and the third is “The End of His Time, Man Sensing Death.”

The whole novel seems to be an interesting read. Hopefully if the game comes out here, we can get Detective≒O brought over too.

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