Mobile Suit Gundam Online Announced. First Trailer And Screenshots Released.

on December 10, 2011 3:15 PM

Namco Bandai announced the future release (in Japan only for now) of the PC exclusive MMO Mobile Suit Gundam Online. No firm release window has been shared for the moment.

The game will feature online arenas somewhat similar to the ones we see in MMOs like World of Tanks, but will involve mobile suits from the first glorious Mobile Suit Gundam series. Players will be able to take control of mobile suits of both factions involved in the conflict (the Earth Federation and the Principality of Zeon) and will meet several well known NPC from the series on the battlefield.

While the graphics aren’t exactly next generation, the number of combatants involved in a single battle is rather impressive: each side will accomodate up to 52 players, for a total of 104.

While at release the game will include only mobile suits and characters from the first series, the future inclusion of new entries from the OVAs is planned, alongside that of new modes and battlefields.

The official website is already open, and the publisher is looking for 3000 alpha testers for a preliminary phase that will happen between December the 16th and December the 18th.

You can see the first trailer of the game and the first batch of screenshots below:

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