Mojang Releases New Snapshot for Minecraft

on January 29, 2012 7:36 PM

Mojang has added some new features to the expansive world of Minecraft, I’ve yet to play this game but for fans, take a look at some of these new tweaks and additions.

It’s week 4, for this snapshot with code-name “12w04a.” For those wondering what snapshots are, their pre-releases that test new things that get implemented into the game in order to give you a preview or “first look” at what’s coming next for the latest update.

  • New jungle-specific mob that can be tamed
  • Skeletons have new AI and a few new behaviors
  • Various minor bug fixes and changes
  • Added an experience item to creative mode
  • Added a flame item…
  • Updated language files

It’s quite a handful and even though I have no idea what a jungle-specific mob is or how in the world it’s tamed, the idea behind Minecraft does intrigue me.

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