Monster Hunter Online Kun Beier Wetlands Introduced with Info and Screenshots

on June 12, 2013 7:49 PM

Today Tencent released some new info and screenshots on the upcoming Monster Hunter MMORPG Monster Hunter Online. This time around we learn about another of the areas that will be included in the game: Kun Beier Wetlands.

The Wetlands are a swamp area coming with the customary amount of poisonous pools and noxious gases. According to the legend, ten thousands years ago they used to be a fertile area with rivers and running water, but a cataclysm diverted the course of the rivers and turned the region in the horrible marsh it is now.

The climatic changes caused tropical plants to grow in large numbers, creating a peculiar and hostile ecosystem. Even veteran hunters will do well to bring plenty antidotes if they want to survive.

Below you can see a gallery with a few screenshots featuring the Wetlands and showcasing the CryEngine 3-powered environments and vegetation on all their beauty.

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