More Indie Greatness This Week: Space Pirates and Zombies is Available Now

on August 15, 2011 3:00 PM

Looks like this week is truly becoming a monster week for indie releases, as MinMax Games’ Space Pirates and Zombies just released on Steam today. If you haven’t heard of SPAZ, it’s a pretty rad game that’s part strategy, part RPG, and all action. You command a space station, and using resources you collect from various galaxies, you can construct more ships that undergo various actions. So if you’re in desperate need for some resource gathering ships, you can put all your money into upgrades for those ships; likewise, if you’re constantly getting your ass kicked, putting everything into your dogfighting ships is probably the best course of action.

I’ve played the beta for a few hours, and it can get truly enthralling; the action is extremely well done, and the scope of the game is just ridiculous, with hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of galaxies and planets to explore and uncover. And I haven’t even reached the “zombie” portion of the game yet either, which I hear puts it over the edge.

It really is a solid game, so purchase it or try out the demo here.

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