More Information, Screenshots and a Gameplay Trailer for MIND≒0’s Battle System Has Been Revealed

on July 22, 2013 5:50 PM

Another update has been released for Acquire’s MIND≒0, which is coming for PS Vita on August 1st. Today’s update goes in depth about the battle system, topped off with a 12 minute gameplay video for MIND≒0, courtesy of 4gamer.

The trailer and screenshots show the main characters in a mysterious store, called the Undertaker, run by a beautiful but equally mysterious woman. This fateful meeting kicks off the game’s events, much like the meeting with Igor kicks off Persona 3 and 4. From there we get to see a bit of the battle system, which is turn-based but actually looks pretty fun.

The character’s lifeforce is represented by LP (life points) and once it hits zero, the character is knocked out. If the character summons their MIND into battle, the MIND takes damage for them and the character’s MP (mind points) depletes instead. Once a character runs out of MP, they reach a status called Mind Break and they are forced to fight on their own without their MIND.

In addition, there is also TP (technical points) which are used for skills. A character can use a skill once the TP bar reaches Burst Mode; TP regenerates one point per turn. Later on, more customizable skills will be available in the game.

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