Namco Bandai Unveils New Handheld Fighting Game… For The PSP?

on November 15, 2012 10:58 PM

Today Namco Bandai has unveiled its newest game: Heroes’ VS, a game being developed not for the PS Vita, not for the 3DS, but for the PSP (though of course it could be played on the Vita). For those that doubt Sony’s ability to push a console to a full ten-year lifespan, here’s proof.

Heroes’ VS is being described as a “dramatic fighting” game, and from the gameplay footage and screenshots (which you can see for yourself below) it seems to be in the vein of Dissidia Final Fantasy. You’ll also notice Heroes’ VS is full of Japan’s biggest heroes: Kamen Rider, Ultraman, and even a few Gundams to boot. There are up to 18 good and evil fighters to choose from, with each having multiple attack modes and special forms. There also seems to be customizable options, like what theme music is played for each character before battle.

Heroes’ VS is set to release in Japan February 07, 2013, though when–and if–it comes to the West is unknown. For more information, stayed tuned to

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