Naughty Dog Designer Shows Fantastic 3D Rendered Rifle…From StarCraft

on February 11, 2014 6:27 AM

Today Naughty Dog Environmental Designer Anthony Vaccaro posted some amazing 3D renders of a sci-fi rifle, but it doesn’t come from a super secret project in the works at the prominent Sony first party studio. The gun is actually a C-14 Impaler rifle from Starcraft that Vaccaro worked on as a personal project.

Not only this shows that artists like Vaccaro often work on projects like this in their own time to hone their skills, but it also showcases his passion for gaming and design. Vaccaro isn’t new to sci-fi, by the way. Before moving to Naughty Dog, he was at Bungie, creating the beautiful environments of Halo Reach.

Below you can see the completed rifle in all its glory, and in the gallery at the bottom of the post you can enjoy a series of work-in-progress shots showcasing the evolution of the rifle from the initial model to its final form. If you want to see more of Vaccaro’s awesome work, you can check out his personal portfolio site.




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