NCSoft is “Preparing” a Guild Wars 2 Expansion (UPDATED)

on May 12, 2013 5:58 PM

On friday NCSoft held its quarterly financial conference call, and while answering to the question from an investor the company’s Managing Direcor Nah Seong Chan had something to say about an upcoming expansion for Guild Wars 2.

We Are Preparing an Expansion pack, but in terms of when we will actually launch it, it’s something that we’re still monitoring the situation on.

We’re looking at the performance of the game and deciding when it would be the best time to do the launch, and that’s still something we’re thinking about.

Of course the term “preparing” is a little vague, as it doesn’t really specify if the expansion is already in development or just in the planning stage. ┬áThat said, it definitely means that we’ll get one sooner or later, considering that, while sales have been defined “strong”, the latest financial results dropped significantly compared to the last quarter of 2012 mostly due to the radical reduction in Guild Wars 2 package sales.

In-game microtransactions surely help, but the buy to play model relies heavily on boxed sales, meaning that one or more expansions are definitely to be expected.

Update: We just received a clarification from NCsoft stating that they’re not actually “preparing” the expansion, but they are instead taking a “wait-and-see” approach with it. You can find the full statement here.

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