New ArcheAge Gameplay Trailer Showcases an Immense, Beautiful Sandbox

on December 29, 2012 12:58 PM

ArcheAge is about to enter its Open Beta testing phase in Korea, and today XLGames released a new gameplay trailer for those of us that, living in the west, won’t be able to partake in the fun.

After a message (in Korean obviously) from the studio’s CEO Jake Song (that you may remember as the main mind behind Lineage), the trailer focuses a lot on the scale and scope of the game’s seamless world, and on the sandbox and player driven elements that it includes. I don’t thnik I ever saw a MMORPG trailer with this little fighting, and honestly I love it.

If you still don’t know about¬†ArcheAge,¬†and wonder why I sound so excited about it (and its upcoming Western release, that has been confirmed in the works), you can check out my hands-on preview of the latest phase of the closed beta.

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