New ArcheAge Gameplay Video Shows 34 Minutes of House Building and Decoration

on January 10, 2012 11:45 AM

XL Games really seems to like publishing videos that come directly from the beta testers of ArcheAge, and they today did it again, this time gracing us with 34 minutes of gameplay focused mostly on player housing.

The most interesting part comes towards the end (at the 28 minutes mark) and shows house decoration, a feature that XLGames seems to have gotten right and that will definitely please those that like to personalize their own in-game turfs.

As usual with the beta videos from XL Games, the small price to pay for the footage is having to listen to the tester (a young lady in this case) chatting away (and singing) in Korean. If you’re ok with it, you can enjoy the clip past the cut.

By the way, the mysterious bucket headgear makes another appearence. A representative of XL Games actually confirmed to my inquiry (yes, I ask about weird stuff sometimes) that it’s not a homage to Skyrim. The developers included it just for fun and getting one isn’t easy.

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